Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wow There Has Been A Lot of Things This Past Two Weeks

This is the first thing I would like to talk about.
For those of you who are the Joseph Durrant blog followers you will remember Samuel. Samuel was the  man I gave the baptismal invitation to IN SPANISH. Anyways I attended his baptism on Saturday the 20th. It was so cool. Cool is not a very good word to describe it. A better one would be..... Amazing and Spiritual and just Awesome.

Me and Samuel. (:

Now to talk about school. Richardson High School. Home of the Eagles. I started school last Monday it is the best school in Utah and Texas. I have made a lot of ligit friends. A lot are black and some are white. A lot of them ain't Mormons. Some of them are. I am very greatful for the good influence of my LDS friends and my non-LDS friends are all way sweet as well. A lot of my friend base is consistent with my basketball class at school. Now to talk about my classes. This year I decided to go a little crazy because I signed myself up for all AP or pre AP classes. The workload is insane. I get home from school at about four thirty and am working until ten. I also had two books that of course I had no idea I was supposed to read over the summer. You got to love it. My teachers are all crazy in their own way. Doesn't it annoy you when people talk and during there sentence they say like six or seven times. Well one my teachers is like this except instead of like he uses "okay-alright" and "you-know," it is crazy hard to pay attention. I also have one teacher who is just like Jack Black. I have one teacher who thinks she is still a senior in high school. You get the picture. My school is crazy but I love it. Oh and today we got some awesome new missionaries. It has been another day for A Boy In The Mission Field.

Monday, August 15, 2011

This Weekend

I am really tired. On Friday we drove out to Tyler, Texas. It's about a 2 hour drive. There we had a 6 hour specialized training for the missionaries that was 6 hours long. It was a really spiritual experience. In Tyler we spent the night in a hotel. We got up the next day and drove to Tyler Texas. About and hour away. There my dad went to some stake stuff out there and then spoke that night at the session of conference. While he was doing all that me my mom and Deanna were staying with the Stake Presidents wife. They live on about 109 acres and own a lot of cows. So me and Deanna went over by the cows but did not get too close. I was scared, I kept thinking they were going to charge because they were Texas Long Horns. It was sweet. Next day we woke up and went to Gilmers stake conference. Gilmer stake covers a very large area so they have two meetings that day. One in Gilmer and one in a place called Paris Texas. It has been quite a long day we just got back. But I must say that I really love it. I just love being A Boy In The Mission Field.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Invited Someone To Be Baptized... and they said yes.

Tonight I went out with the Elders and we went to a members house for dinner. It was so good!. It was pinto beans and a meat and potato mixture with tortillas Yummmmmm. I love eating Mexican food from real Mexicans. After that we went to there apartment where we were waiting for Samuel and his wife. We were going to teach them at the temple. Tonight they were going to invite Samuel to be baptized. Earlier that day I was playing volleyball at the church and Elder Perry called me, he said "Joseph you still on for tonight," I told him that I was. He said "Okay tonight we are going to invite Samuel to be baptized and we need you to memorize the baptismal invitation in Spanish and give it to him tonight. I said I would and all that day I was memorizing. So now back to the temple. They were talking with him in Spanish and I was trying to pick up on some stuff. Then Elder Perry asked me to give the invitation. Samuel and his wife spoke English and Spanish but Elder Perry asked me to do it in Spanish so I said. "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God." He said yes. It was awesome. My first invitation and he said yes. The spirit was way strong and I was super happy to be apart of that. And that is just another day for A Boy In The Mission Field.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I really don't have a good title for this one.

This week I have got to hang out with my sister Laura. I sure do love ya Laura. Also this week I got some sweet new basketball shoes and blisters to prove it. Yesterday I was bored so I read 30 pages in the Book of Mormon it was awesome. Also yesterday I went to mutual and played volleyball until about 8 o'clock then played basketball until about 11 o'clock in my new basketball shoes. My feet are not feeling very good  but it is just another day for A Boy In The Mission Field.

Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Sacrament Meetings

Today my parents, Deanna, Laura and I went to three sacrament meetings. We went to our own, a spanish ward were we heard two Elders and three Sisters from our mission spoke. After that my parents spoke in an English ward. I am really tired. But it was really great and a wonderful spiritual experience. It has been another great day for A Boy In The Mission Field.