Sunday, July 10, 2011


On Friday we left for East Texas, There we spent a long day meeting with missionaries in a small town called Gilmer. We had another get to know you meeting. This one was the greatest one yet for me. I felt a spirit there that I had not felt in any other meeting prior to that. It was a testimony for me that the church really is true. Because it was such a long day for part of it I watched a movie on Deanna's portable DVD player. After that I just spent time with the missionaries, I listened to their trainings and listened to stories about there missions until it got really late. If I heard about this I might think it was boring. But really truly it was such a great experience. The spirit is similar to one you might feel at Efy. I am glad because I now have that on a regular basis. It has been another great day for A Boy In The Mission Field.

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