Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating Pioneer Day and More

This last Saturday my ward had a volleyball game it was way fun but we lost. Later that day I saw a really great movie, it is called 17 Miracles, for those of you have seen it know that it is way good. I am loving is here in Dallas and my ward is great.
Sunday the 24th was a really good sacrament meeting. We had awesome talks about pioneers and how we are pioneers today. After the meetings at about 7 o'clock I went over to one of the laurels house to have a meeting about a project we are doing for an activity. Its a movie about one of the subjects in the for the strength of youth pamphlet. We chose dating and they decided to use my mom and dads story of meeting with their own twists it sounds pretty awesome to me.
Monday was the preparation day for the missionaries and on that day some of them get together to play basketball and I went. It was great, they are all pretty good and they are fast paced so it is a really good workout. It is also fun because it is such an uplifting environment, usually when playing basketball or any sport there is a lot of criticism, not here, I love it.
Tuesday my neck hurt really bad all day so it was more of a chill day. I took about a 40 min nap on a floaty  thing we have for our pool. It was nice.
Then this morning I went and played and 6:30 a.m. with the missionaries again, it was another great time. And that's it, more days in the life of A Boy In The Mission Field.

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