Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Three

Today we met more missionaries. They were all so cool and sweet. We met the Spanish elders and sisters today. Some of the meeting we spoke in Spanish, some in English. So I understood the majority of the meeting. It was such a great spiritual experience because you could feel the love and spirit of each of those wonderful spirits. At the end of the meeting my dad opened up to take questions from them and they could also ask our family. One elder raised his hand and said. "What are the goals that you guys want to accomplish while you are in the mission." My dad and mom looked like they were thinking, so I said to them. "I just want to learn from you how to become a good missionary." I told them how I wanted to go on splits with them whenever I could. They were getting excited and talking about that when one elder said. "You have just filled up every night of the week." Everyone laughed. Being the funny guy that I am, I said, "Okay but I will schedule a date night." Everybody in the whole room laughed, it was really fun. I have made a couple jokes like that, and I think because the elders and sisters are just with their companion most of the time and being spiritual most of the time which is what they should be doing, I think they enjoy a little humor. I made friends with a lot of the elders and each one of them love me. Most all of them play basketball and I received multiple invitations to play basketball with them at their churches on their preparation day which is this Monday for all of them. That right now is what I am really looking forward to the most. I enjoy all the elders and sisters and I am looking forward to meeting the rest of them. I love it here in Texas. My pool, and house are great. I love this hot weather because we had a cold winter in Utah. That is another day in the life of A Boy In The Mission Field.

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  1. That sounds cool Joseph! I'm not surprised that everyone loves you:) Good job on the jokes. You gotta keep them from being boring...