Friday, July 15, 2011

King sized bed

Yesterday was great. My parents brought an extra king sized bed to Texas just in case they did not like the one here. As it turns out they didn't like it so they gave it to me. Now I have a King sized bed and it is sweet. Also last night I went and played basketball at the church. We were so good that the old guys kicked us off. It was funny but also kind of dumb that they did that. I have my first piano lesson with a new teacher and I am kind of scared because my lessons are 45 minutes and I have to stay until Deanna's lesson is over as well. An hour and a half :( is no bueno. Well it was just another day for A Boy In The Mission Field.


  1. Good luck with the piano! I want to see some pictures up on this blog brotha.

  2. You are living the life down south! suhweeet!

  3. If you are anything like the Durrant that I am closest to, you will somehow manage to take up the ENTIRE king size bed when you sleep ;)