Friday, July 22, 2011

Back Again

   Hello everybody, sorry I have not blogged in a week. My computer shut down and all the Internet was down, so here I am and I am going to try to recount the last week as best I can. On the 14th I had my first piano lesson in Texas. It was not a fun experience, so my mom let us not do them anymore. Now each week I have to learn two hymns and practice one song that I like and want to learn. This is a much better idea for me than taking piano lessons. After piano I had my first open gym at the high school. It was awesome. I did way well and it was fun playing with all these new guys. The biggest difference is that with 10 guys on the court and each guy saying about two swear words in 10 seconds you here a lot and it is really weird. I am no longer in Utah. But it is a good experience and it will force me to practice a lot of self control. I am going again tonight and I will tell you how it goes.
   On the 15th my dad interviewed all the missionaries that were headed home on the next transfer. I swam it was a good day.
   On the 16th I spent a lot of the day preparing for a talk I had to give the next day. So I thought I had prepared well and it was about 5 and 1/2 minutes. Perfect.
   The next day I gave the talk and it didn't go as well as I hoped but it still made sense and gave a good clear message. I was satisfied with it. But next time I hope I will be even more prepared. I think I like giving impromptu speeches or my testimony better than giving a talk.
   Monday was the best day I have had in the mission up to that point. We met the new missionaries. There were 20 new missionaries coming in and it really was a party. They came and had interviews with my dad and we ate sandwiches for lunch. We did other things, watched a driving safety video and then had barbecue for dinner. MMMMMMM. It was delicious. After dinner we had a testimony meeting for the missionaries and the spirit was there so strong, it was amazing.
   I said Monday was the best day I have had in the mission up to that point. Well Tuesday was better. On Tuesday I went to the transfer meeting. This is were all the Elders and Sisters who get transferred go to our chapel from all over the mission and we announce a new area or a new companion they will be serving with. Also the missionaries who are leaving get to bear there testimony to these missionaries for the last time. It was so much fun seeing all the excitement and joy when they found out different companions or different areas.  After that we went into a training for new missionaries and there trainers. This was cool because my parents told them all sorts of great stuff. We ate pizza after and I chilled with the missionaries. After Deanna and I went to Harry Potter. It was so cool but it came in second to the wonderful experience I had earlier that day. And I loved Harry Potter a lot. So hopefully you see. Anyways after that I went home and I hung out with missionaries who were headed home. Three or four of us went outside and shot on the basket I have hanging on the garage, we played horse mostly and it was way fun. We had testimony meeting and then sent them on there way it was a really good day.
   Now for Wednesday. Today was great because guess what? I GOT A PHONE! YAHOOOOO! It is so cool. I love it. Just Facebook me and I will give it to you but I am so happy. It was fun the figure out the features of the phone. Than that night for young men young women's we played water balloon volleyball it was sweet. Than we played real volleyball and later that night we played basketball. It was great. And that is another week for A Boy In The Mission Field.


  1. Joseph, you got a phone?? You're growin up and I'm not even there to help you through it. Sounds like you've got it under control, though. What kind of phone did you get?

  2. A phone?? Are you kidding me?! Spoiled little brother! Text me your number bueno?